About Patrice

Running to Provide Voters a Choice

Patrice is running to represent Concord District 12, Ward 2, in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

"I have watched as lawmakers passed laws detrimental on many levels, to the citizens of this State. I made an oath to my country, and to the State of New Hampshire when I was sworn into military service; this is another opportunity to keep that oath. As I see it, government exists to protect its citizens, not to micro-manage their lives. The decision to run for the House was a thoughtfully and prayerfully considered one," she said regarding her decision to run.

Patrice served in the United States Air Force, the USAF Ready Reserves, and the NH Air National Guard and is proud to say, that her children and step-children followed in her footsteps. She is retired from State service, having worked for the Department of Safety, the Attorney General’s Drug Task Force, and the Department of Economic Development (Department of Business Development and Affairs).

Patrice has a Bachelor of Science degree in K-8 Education, Special Ed and Music. She home-schooled her daughter through high school, developing the curriculum, which was highly approved by the SAU in which in taught. Her daughter went on to receive a 4-year scholarship to Plymouth State University. One of her goals is to influence legislation to ensure that NH education is geared towards helping students become the best they can be.

Patrice serves her community on the Board of Directors as President, for Freedom Village Cooperative, a resident-owned community. As such, She has been very active with ROCNH, the NH Resident Owned Community organization, to include serving on a newly-formed advisory committee. She was a member of the NH Veterans Business Owners' Association, serving on the committee to revise their by-laws, rules, and curriculum. She taught adult ed (reading). She is also very active in my Church community.

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